Bangladesh Paint Manufacturers’ Association is the organization of the producers of Paint. The name itself implies that it is the organization of the Paint manufacturers to ameliorate or resolve problems faced not only by its members but by the paint industry as a whole. It was registered Vide Registration # T.O. /113178 of 1978-79 dated 31-08-1978 under the Companies Act 1913 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Dhaka. Renowned industrialist and Managing Director of Elite Chemical Industries Ltd., Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed thought of establishing an Association to safeguard the interest of the paint producers. His idea became a reality when he with the assistance of Mr. T. Karim, Managing Director of Al-Karim Paint established the Association. From its very inception, the Association has started with the following members:

  1. Elite Chemical Industries Ltd.,
  2. Jenson & Nicholsen (Bd) Ltd.
  3. Buxly Paints Ltd
  4. Industrial Chemical & Allied Company Ltd.
  5. Al-Karim Paints & Chemical Company Ltd.
  6. Paradise Paints Ltd.
  7. Galaxy Paints & Chemicals
  8. Ronny Chemical & Allied Company Ltd

The Executive Members/office bearer (31/12/1979) of the first Annual General Meeting was as follows:

  1. Mr. Serajuddinn Ahmed President Elite Chemical Industries Ltd.
  2. Mr.S.Ahmed Hon.General Secretary Jenson & Nicholsen (Bd) Ltd/Berger Paints Bd Ltd
  3. Mr. T. Karim Member Al-Karim Paints
  4. Mr. Syed M. A. Wadud Member Galaxy Paints & Chemicals
  5. Mr. Akhteruzzaman Chowdhury  Member Ronny Chemical Industries Ltd.
  6. Capt. Retd. Shakwat Hossain Member Buxly Paints Ltd
  7. Mr. Mukhlesur Rahman Member Industrial Chemical & Allied Company Ltd
  8. Mr.Md.Ismail Member  Paradise Paints Ltd

With a slow but steady stride, the association began its journey. In the meantime, attempts were made for legislation making it mandatory for Paint Manufacturers to join the Association has repeatedly met with failure. But with the passage of time, this challenge has resolved to a considerable degree and of late there are 40 (Forty) members under the same umbrella. We are expecting more members to join us and the allied industries owners from Ink, Resin, and Binder sectors will come forward and join us to build better ties.